Yoga After 40 For Spinal Cord Flexibility

Comfortable Yoga After 40 For Spinal Cord Flexibility

Are you over 40 and thinking that it is not possible to develop hip flexibility or spinal flexibility at this age? If yes, read on. Touching 40 is no excuse to lose a life without the good health, stamina and arthritis you really deserve. However, the important thing is to understand and choose what works. Flexible yoga, as the name suggests you can try for back and hip flexibility as well as keep your overall fitness in good shape.

What is Comfortable Yoga

As we mentioned in our previous post that yoga is not just a set of asanas or postures, flexible yoga is not just about physical comfort. However, we currently limit the topic to physical convenience. The basic idea behind flexible yoga is to develop flexibility in the muscles and joints by using the most comfortable asanas. As your spine becomes more flexible, you will begin to gain more stamina and overall better health.

Tattoo to soften your spine

It goes without saying that yoga as a whole is highly effective in controlling and curing many muscle and mind related problems. However, people have their own preferences when it comes to choosing the right types of yoga poses that are effective depending on their individual needs. Personally, I like tattoos to keep my spine free and flexible.

Yoga for spine softening

  • Surya Namaskaram-Surya Namaskaram (12-step sequence)
  • Wheel-semicircular posture
  • Shoulder-cobra posture
  • Ustrasana-Kamel posture
  • West Total-Forward Bend
  • Balasana-child posture
  • Shashankasana-rabbit posture
  • Halasana-plow posture
  • Surya Namaskaram-Surya Namaskaram

Developing flexibility easily

There are many other poses and variations of the above postures. It all depends on what suits you and fits your serious daily schedule. Start with simple poses like baby pose or cat cow pose, which can be done as soon as you wake up while still in bed, which is very effective for beginners. As your spine becomes smoother you can move into stiffer postures.

Easy posture for spine flexibility

Stretching is most effective for softening the spine, muscles and other connective organs. You can start your day with some stretching exercises like cat and cow posture. This is an easy way to start your day active and relieving your neck or back pain as well as simply changing your spine.

Keep your spine straight

We have already covered the shoulder blade, but there is also a simple variation on this posture which is highly effective in keeping your spine comfortable, digestive system strong and without neck pain. Lie flat on your stomach and lift your head and torso through your elbows. You do not need to stretch completely while doing a full shoulder seat.

Natural Stretching -Same Shoulder Benefits

  • No special equipment, place or time is recommended.
  • You can do this anytime except after a meal
  • In this pose you can also read, write or watch TV
  • Keeps your digestive system strong
  • Reduces large belly and helps in overall weight loss
  • Smoothes your spine without doing specific exercises
  • Relieves and prevents neck and back pain
  • Reduces fatigue and tiredness immediately
  • Positive mood
  • Stretching in any form is one of the most effective ways to develop spinal flexibility, which is highly recommended for overall health.

Stretching is one of the most effective ways to develop spinal flexibility, which is highly recommended for overall health.

Yoga is one of those ancient practices that can help you adopt a positive attitude, calm your mind, overcome stress, and experience inner peace and serenity. After all, yoga means the union of the body with the soul and your inner self-realization a dialogue with the outside world. While many would have you believe that its core benefits are physical and try to show it its spiritual excellence, I still believe that all of our physical well-being is intrinsically linked to our inner happiness and that the The real purpose of yoga is essentially to ignite this happiness of the soul. Here are some of the reasons why yoga has been personally beneficial to me:

Benefits Of Practicing Yoga Regularly

Reduce stress

Yoga goes a long way in alleviating the physical impact of stress on our body. By the very nature of self-control, it helps me reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, directly reducing my blood pressure levels and heart rate. As a result, other related symptoms like depression, hypertension, insomnia, and anxiety are also taken care of. It also improves digestive function, Yoga also directly impacts the immune system. After all, as the saying goes, a strong body houses a strong mind.

Reduces pain

This is something that I have only realized through continuous practice. While the apparent connection is not so obvious, inner calm and peace also go a long way in healing aches and pains. Asanas and meditation go a long way in combating chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, back pain, and conditions related to the spinal cord. When the immune system is strengthened through physical practice, it also helps the body fight various germs much more effectively and efficiently.

Mental balance and depression

After all, it is common knowledge that regular practice can lead to more efficient blood circulation in the body. It also improves the efficient functioning of the cardiovascular system. As a result, the efficient functioning of the body improves your overall sanity. The mind receives an increase in the improved oxygen supply and this undoubtedly helps an individual deal with stress, anger, and all other negative forces much more effectively. So it’s only natural that you don’t easily succumb to a loss of temper or to making a rash decision. By nature, you become calmer and deal with any problem with more maturity.


Yoga helps improve flexibility and mobility in the body. By reducing aches and pains and various pain points, it also gives us more strength and confidence to carry out yoga asanas. At first, I was never able to touch my toes, but gradually, with patience and practice, my muscles started to relax and I could feel my flexibility and stamina improving simultaneously.

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